January 18,2020 – Main St. Fishers to Mile Square

Post Run Coffee – Panera Bread near the mall

Turn left out of the parking lot onto 96.  Turn right on Fishers Rd, and then take a left onto Benson.  Stay on Benson all the way to 96.  Turn right on 96, then right on Main St. Fishers.  Run the entire length of Main St. Fishers.  Turn right on Mile Square, then turn right on Park Rd.  Left on 96 brings you back to the parking lot.  Distance is 11.9 miles


For 8.9 miles, on Main St. Fishers, turn right on Fishers Rd and follow this all the way to 96. Turn left on 96 and back to the parking lot


For 14 miles – Follow the standard route. On Mile Square, turn left on Smith, right on Mendon Rd., then right on Cole. Rejoin the standard route by turning left on Mile Square.