December 15, 2018 –Knickerbocker Hill.

Please note: The run start location is not changing. We will continue to start from the Park and Ride at Bushnell’s Basin. I apologize for anything I said that was misleading on Saturday.

After Run Meeting Location December 15, 2018 – Bruegger’s Bagels

A couple of us checked out the Village Bakery Café at Eastview Mall on Sunday morning, and we were very favorably impressed. The food was very good with a larger selection, including French toast, a variety of egg sandwiches,pastries, and they have a selection of coffees and cappuccino. The seating area is up a flight of stairs – and they have 30 metal chairs – so we won’t have to worry about ruining the chairs with our wet running gear. The external entrance is located near P.F. Changs. In the warmer weather they have outdoor seating. I spoke to the manager and he seemed to think they could handle our group as longas we gave him some advanced notice, so that he has enough help on hand. We should probably wait until the holiday traffic has subsided before we try it.

And now for the route….

All routes – start by turning left out of the parking lot. Then turn right on Park Rd, right on East, left on Thornell and then a right on Mill. Turn left on East, then left on 96.

For 8 miles – turn right on Mitchell, then turn right on the Auburn Trail that takes you to the canal. Follow the Canal back to the basin.

For 9.4 miles – stay on 96 into Pittsford. Turn right on S. Main St, then turn right on State St. (Rt. 31). Pick up the canal and return to the basin.

For 10.7 miles – from 96, turn left onto Knickerbocker Rd and head up the hill.Turn right onto Mendon Rd, then at the stoplight turn right. Go into the village of Pittsford, turn right on 31 – State St. At the bridge over the canal- pick up the canal and take the canal back to the basin.

For 13.2 miles – from 96, turn left onto Knickerbocker Rd and head up the hill.Turn right onto Mendon Rd, then at the stoplight go straight onto Stone. Stayon Stone (turn left off Tobey). Turn right on Clover, cross over the canal and pick up the canal for the run back to the basin

December 8, 2018 – Holiday Picture and the Fishers Run

December 8, 2018 – Holiday Picture and The Fishers Run

Mellow Mug Update – Matt has confirmed that this Saturday, December 8, will be the last day the Mellow Mug is open for business.

We will take our holiday picture this Saturday for one last shot at the coffee shop. The picture will be at 9:15 am, so plan your route accordingly.

The traditional Fishers Run, from the parking lot is 9.5 miles – Turn left onto 96, right on Park Rd.  Turn left on Corduroy, and then left on Woolston.  Turn right on Fishers Rd, then left on Main St. Fishers.  Turn left on Log Cabin, then right on Lower Fishers, and then left on Benson.  Turn right on Fishers Rd, then return thru Powder Mills Park (left on Woolston, right on Corduroy, right on Park Rd)  Turn left on 96 and back to the parking lot.

Note: You can skip the Lower Fishers option by staying on Log Cabin. This shortens any route by 1 mile.

You can skip Powder Mills Park on the way back by staying on Fishers Rd to 96. This shortens any route by 0.5 miles

For 7.5 miles – take 96 directly to Fishers Rd. Left on Main St. Fishers, then left on Log Cabin. Stay on Log Cabin, then left on Benson, right on Fishers Rd, then left on 96.     

For 12.5 miles – start with the standard route. At Main St. Fishers, turn right, then take a left on Old Dutch. Turn left on 251, left on Wangum, then right on Main St Fishers, and rejoin the standard route.