January 25, 2020 – The Original Hearnish 10K

This week the Oven Door Runners play host to the Freezeroo series with the running of the Hearnish 5 mile in Victor.  In honor of this occasion, I thought we should run the route of the original race, the Hearnish 10K.  The short route is 8.7 miles, which includes getting to and returning from the original route.

Turn left out of the Park-n-Ride.  Turn right onto Park Rd.  Take Park Road all the way to East St.  Turn left onto East St.  East will change names to Mile Square.  Turn left onto Probst.  Turn left onto Miles Cutting, then a right onto Railroad Mills.  At the intersection with Probst –  turn left to continue on Railroad Mills.  Go up the big hill.  Turn left onto Fishers Rd, then take a left onto Woolston.  Right onto Corduroy, right onto Park Rd and a left onto 96 brings you back to the Park-n-Ride.


For the longer option – when you get to the top of the hill on Railroad Mills – turn right on Fishers Rd and finish with a traditional Fishers Run.  Turn left on Main St Fishers, left on Log Cabin, right on Lower Fishers, left on Benson, right on Fishers and return to Park-n-Ride through Powder Mills Park.  This Distance is 12.6 miles.


(Bypassing Lower Fishers by staying on Log Cabin reduces distance by a mile.  Bypassing the return through Powder Mills Park by staying on Fishers to 96 reduces the distance by 0.6 miles)