February 1, 2020 – Up Thayer

Post-run coffee –Panera Bread past the mall on 96.

Turn left on 96, then left on Garnsey, turn left on Turk Hill, then right on 31.  Turn right on Thayer, right on Steele, cross over Turk into Beaumont, right on Neuchatel, right on Vineyard Hill, left on Garnsey and back to the basin.  Distance is 10 miles.


For 11.3 – on Turk Hill continue heading north across Rt. 31. Turn right on Ayrault, then turn right on Hogan, then left on 31.  Turn right onto Thayer and rejoin the 10 mile route.


For 13 – stay on Turk Hill until you get to Pebble Hill Rd.  Turn right on Pebble Hill Rd, then right on Bridgewood Dr..then a right on Falling Brook Rd. This will bring you to Ayrault – turn left on Ayrault, then rejoin the 11.3 mile route with a right on Hogan.