October 10, 2015 – Springhouse Run

October 10, 2015 – Springhouse Run

Head out the canal towards Pittsford. Take a right on the connector trail that will take you to Marsh Rd. Cross over Rt. 31, then take a left on the old Trolley Trail. Run thru the Senior Citizen Complex, the trail will take you to 31. Turn right on 31, then right on Schoen Place and continue on the canal. After crossing under the railroad trestle, turn right onto the Pittsford Town Highway road, then take the trail on the left that will lead you over to the old train bed. Follow the train bed over French Rd, and hop off the trail when you are across from Springhouse Commons. Pick up the old Erie Canal trail in the back of the parking lot, and follow this trail back across French Rd, and then connect back with the Barge Canal. Follow the canal back towards the basin. When you get to the power lines past Pittsford, turn left under the power lines, then turn right on the Auburn Train and follow this back to the canal. Return to the basin. Distance is 12.4 miles.


(By-passing the Marsh Rd option and the Power line option reduces the overall distance to 11.7 miles)

For 15.6 miles – when you get back to the Barge Canal from the old Erie Canal trail, turn right and follow the canal out to Edgewood. Turn around at Edgewood and head back following the main route.


For 8 miles – follow the main route, turn around at the railroad trestle, follow the main route return path.

For 10 miles – follow the main route to the first crossing of French Rd, turn around and return to the canal and follow the main route back

For 11.5 miles – follow the main route to the first crossing of French Rd, turn left on French Rd, crossover 31 and then turn left onto the old Erie Canal Trail, rejoining the main route.