May 26, 2018 – Main St Fishers and Mile Square

May 26, 2018 – Main St Fishers and Mile Square

Turn left out of the parking lot and take 96 to right on Fishers Rd. Turn left onto Benson, and then turn right on Lower Fishers. Turn left on Log Cabin, then turn right on Main St. Fishers. Follow this to Mile Square and turn right. Mile Square will change names to East. Turn right on Thornell, then right on 96 and back to the parking lot. Distance is 11 miles.     

For 10 miles – on Benson, turn right on Log Cabin and rejoin the main route.

For 7 miles – on Fishers Rd, stay on Fishers Rd instead of getting on Benson. Turn right on Probst, then rejoin the main route when you turn right on Mile Square.     

For 13.3 miles – Follow main route. On Main St Fishers, turn left onto the Auburn Trail. Cross over Phillips, then turn right on the Lehigh Trail. Cross over Phillips and Wangum, then turn right on Old Dutch. Turn left on Main St Fishers, re-joining the main route.     

For 15.6 miles – Follow the 13.3 mile route. when on Mile Square, turn left on Smith, right on Pittsford-Mendon Rd, right on Cole, then left on Mile Square, rejoining the main route.