May 23, 2015 – Knickerbocker Hill

May 23, 2015 – Knickerbocker Hill Route

Turn left out of the Park & Ride – turn right on Park Rd.  Take Park Rd over to East – turn right, then left on Thornell.  Turn right on Mill Rd, then left on East.  Turn left on 96, then left on Knickerbocker.  Take a right on Mendon Rd, then go straight to continue on Stone.  Follow Stone to Clover, turn right, then turn right onto the canal.  Take the canal back to the basin.  Distance is 13.5 miles.      

Shortcuts – from Stone – turn right on Tobey to Clover –return as above – 13.0 miles

From Mendon Rd – turn right on S.Main St – follow this over to the canal – follow the canal back – 10.8 miles.

For a longer option – when you get on the canal – head away to the west over to Edgewood. Turn around and follow the canal all the way back.  Distance is 16 miles.