May 12, 2018 – Modified Linear Park Run

May 12, 2018 – Linear Park Run- Modified

Marsh Rd Bridge is still out, but the towpath between Ayrault and Fairport has re-opened. To celebrate let’s run the Linear Park Run! I will not be there to get you started, but Dan has offered to fire the gun this week.

Turn right out of the parking lot, then turn right on Kreag. Turn left on 31, then get on the canal path and head out the towards Fairport.  Exit the canal onto O’Connor.  Turn left on Whitney.  Whitney will turn into Five Mile Line Rd.  Turn left on Rt. 441, then left into Linear Park.  Cross over Irondequoit Creek and head up the hill.  Turn left on Lincoln Mills, left on Linden then right on Bluff.  Turn left into Eyer Park.  Take the trail over to Midvale – turn left.  Turn right on Baird, left into BOCES, then take the trail around the back.  Turn right on O’Connor and then right on the canal exit the canal at 31 and retrace your route back to the parking lot.  Distance is 13.5 miles.     

For 12.1 miles, turn left on Linden from Whitney and then left on Bluff Dr., rejoining the main route     

For 9.5 miles – on Whitney – turn left on Baird, then left into BOCES, rejoining the main route     

For 7.8 miles – run the canal until you get to O’Connor, then turn around and retrace your steps back to the parking lot.

For 16.7 miles – follow the main route – at 441 continue straight on Five Mile Line Rd. Turn left on Whalen, then left on Clark. Next, turn left on Huntington Meadows, followed by a left on Panorama Trail. Turn left on Penfield Rd. Cross over 441 and enter Linear Park, rejoining the main route.