July 2, 2016 – Auburn Trail Sections

July 2, 2016 – A Section of the Auburn Trail…….

All Routes – begin by turning right out of the parking lot. Turn right on Marsh Rd and stay on Marsh after crossing over the canal. Cross over Rt. 31, then take a left onto the old trolley trail. Follow the trail thru the senior citizen complex out to 31. Cross over 31 and pick up the old Auburn Trail on the left (avoid going straight under the powerlines). At Mitchell, turn right, cross over the canal, then turn left on 96. Turn right on Knickerbocker, but look for the trail connection on the left before you go very far. This trail is a continuation of the old Auburn Trail. It will come out on Mill Rd. Take Mill over to Thornell and cross over Thornell to continue on the Auburn Trail. This will take you to East St.

For 8.5 miles – cross over East and pick up Park Rd. Take Park to 96 where a left turn returns you to the parking lot.


For 9.7 miles – go to Park Rd, – turn right to pick up the trail near the power substation. Follow the old Auburn Trail across Railroad Mills over to Woolston. Turn left on Woolston, then left on Fishers Rd and left on 96 to return to the parking lot.


For 10.8 miles – stay on Auburn Trail to the Railroad Mills/Probst intersection. Turn left to continue on Railroad Mills – head up the big hill. Turn left on Fishers Rd, then left on 96 to return to the parking lot


For 12 miles – stay on Auburn Trail to Fisher Rd. Turn left on Fishers, then left on 96 to return to the parking lot


For 13.4 miles – stay on Auburn Trail to Main St. Fishers. Turn left, then left on Log Cabin. Left on Benson, followed by a right on Fishers Rd, then take a left on 96 to return to the parking lot.


For 14.9 miles – on Log Cabin – take Lower Fishers on the right, then left on Benson, right on Fishers Rd.  Come back thru Powder Mills Park (Woolston, Corduroy, Park Rd, 96) and then back to the parking lot