Into Pittsford – August 24, 2019

Head out the canal towards Pittsford. Take the Auburn trail on the right just past the flood control gate. Cross over Mitchell, then cross over Rt. 31. Turn right on the sidewalk trail that parallels Rt. 31. Turn left onto Marsh, then a left onto the old Trolley Trail. Follow the Trolley Trail thru the Highlands at Pittsford and come out back to 31. Turn right on 31, then right onto the canal at Schoen Place. Turn right on 96/N. Main St, then right on Washington. Turn left on Cranswick Lane. Bear left to stay on Cranswick, passing by Landsdown Lane. You will come up on Landsdown Lane a second time – cross over to pick up the Wynd Woods Trail, almost straight across from Cranswick on Landsdowne Lane (a little to the right) Take the trail over to St. John Fisher taking right options. Turn around and continue to take right options to get back out on a slightly different path – return to Landsdowne Lane – and take a right. Turn left on 96, then turn left onto the canal at Schoen Place and return to the parking lot.      11 mile route

If you cut out the loop around Highlands by turning left on 31 as you come out from the Auburn trail, you will shorten the distance by 1.5 miles.

If you cut out the loop starting at Schoen Place, you will shorten the route by 2.5 miles.

You can add distance by heading west on the canal when you return from the Wynd Woods loop. Clover is 1.5 miles from Schoen Place, so plan accordingly.