December 28, 2019 – Holiday Neighborhood Run

Post-run coffee – Pick up your favorite refreshments and then meet at the 7 Story Brewery. The owner has agreed to let us meet at the Brewery after the run, but we have to bring our own refreshments.

Years ago Bill Hearne used to have us do a run during the holidays where we always turned in one direction at each intersection. In that spirit – this week’s run will involve right hand turns, once we get to the course.

Start with a left out of the parking lot, turn left on Garnsey, then left onto Sully’s Trail. Now begin with only right hand turns. This includes turning right onto dead ends. When you reach the dead end, turn around and continue.

When running down a dead end, turn around when you meet the lead runner. If this works out as planned, we should all end the run near the same time.

The rule is to turn right at every intersection, turn around at dead ends. Follow this rule once you are on Sully’s Trail until when you end up on Garnsey and you reach Sully’s Trail – then continue straight to 96 and return to the parking lot.      Distance is 11.6 miles

If you do not turn down the dead ends – you can cut the route to 7.4 miles

Thus the route you run can be anywhere from 7.4 to 11.6 miles!