August 27, 2016 – Sven’s Favorite Run

August 27, 2016 – Sven’s Favorite Run

We are expecting a special guest appearance by Sven this week, and he has requested that we run the Fisher’s Run

For 9.5 miles – Turn left onto 96, right on Park Rd.  Turn left on Corduroy, and then left on Woolston.  Turn right on Fishers Rd, then left on Main St. Fishers.  Turn right on Lower Fishers, left on Benson.  Turn right on Fishers Rd, then return thru Powder Mills Park (left on Woolston, right on Corduroy, right on Park Rd)  Turn left on 96 and back to the parking lot.


Note: On any route, you can skip the Lower Fishers option by staying on Log Cabin. This shortens any route by 1 mile.

You can skip Powder Mills Park on the way back by staying on Fishers Rd to 96. This shortens any route by 0.6 miles

For 13.3 miles – start with the standard route. At Main St. Fishers, turn right, then take a left on Old Dutch. Turn left on the Lehigh Trail – run this over to the Auburn Trail, turn left, and follow this back to Main St. Fishers. Turn right on Main St Fishers, and rejoin the standard route.     

For more trails – consider going into the trails of Fishers Town Park on Main St. Fishers before you get to Old Dutch. The trails in there can be challenging to navigate – try to find your way to the connector that takes you over to Lehigh Trail. Turn left, and then after you cross over Wangum, look for the Domine Trails located on the left. There are three options, all of which should bring you out to the Auburn Trail. Turn left and return to the main route.