April 14, 2018 – Run the Canal

April 14, 2018 – Run the Canal

An article in the paper indicated that the canal towpath is closed for 2 to 4 weeks between Ayrault and Perinton Town Park due to emergency canal repairs needed prior to the start of the summer boating season, which starts mid-May.  So runs in that direction are out. Never fear, I have come up with a route that puts us on the canal, with only a very small part that retraces last week’s route.

Turn left out of the parking lot. Turn left on Garnsey, then left on Sully’s Trail. Turn right on Kreag. Turn left on Rt. 31, then pickup the canal and run back towards Bushnell’s Basin. Follow the canal path until you get to the Cartersville Guard Gate, and turn right to connect with Marsh Rd. Turn left on Marsh, cross over Rt. 31, then turn left onto the old Trolley Trail. Follow this thru the Senior Citizen Complex, cross over 31, then turn left to follow the Auburn trail, cross over Mitchell, then turn left onto the canal. Retrace your route back to the parking lot – (right onto 31, right on Kreag, left on Sully’s Trail, right on Garnsey, right on 96)

Distance is 12.4 miles.


For 7 miles, turn around on the canal where the path goes under Marsh Rd.

For 9 miles, turn around at the Great Embankment Park.

For 10 miles, turn around at the Cartersville Guard Gate.

For 14.6 miles, when the main route turn back on the canal from the Auburn Trail, turn right and run over to Schoen Place. Then turn around and return to the main route.