September 17, 2016 – Probst and Mile Square, more or less.

September 17, 2016 –  Probst and Mile Square more or less.

All routes – turn left out of the parking lot, then turn right on Fishers Rd. Bear right at the pond to stay on Fishers Rd, then turn right on Railroad Mills. Go straight to continue on Probst.

For 7.4 miles – from Probst, turn right on Mile Square – it will change names to East.  Then turn right on Park Rd. At 96 turn left and return to the parking lot     

For 10 miles – from Probst turn left on Mile Square. Turn left on Main St. Fishers, then left on Log Cabin. Turn left on Benson, then right on Fisher Rd. A left a 96 brings you back to the parking lot.     

For 11 miles – follow the 10 mile route, only stay on Mile Square past Main St Fishers and then turn left onto the Lehigh Trail. At Wangum, turn left. Turn right on Main St. Fishers and rejoin the 10 mile route.     

For 12.4 miles – when on Mile Square – turn right on Smith. Then take a left on Mendon Rd, and pick up the Lehigh Trail on the left, rejoining the 11 mile route.     

For 14.5 miles – when on Mile Square – turn right on Smith and take that over to W. Bloomfield. Turn left and cross over 251. Pick up the Lehigh Trail on the left – and rejoin the other routes.