January 2, 2021 – The Springhouse Run

Head out the canal towards Pittsford. In the village, go past the railroad trestle and turn right into the Town Highway Department drive. Pick up the trail on the left that will connect over to the Auburn Trail. Cross over French and follow the trail until you are across the street from the Springhouse Commons. Cross over 31 and pick up the old Erie Canal Trail that runs behind Wegmans. Follow this back across French Rd and connect back with the Barge Canal, and follow the canal all the way back to the Basin. Distance is 11.6 miles.


For around 8 miles, stay on the canal to the 2nd time Rt 31 crosses the canal, turn around and retrace your steps.

For 14.8 miles, follow the standard route. When the Old Erie Canal reconnects with the Barge Canal, turn right and run over to the JCC. Turn around and run all the way back to the basin along the towpath.


December 26, 2020 – Holiday Neighborhood Run – Marsh Rd

This week’s run will be thru the neighborhood around Marsh Rd. Lots of the homes in this neighborhood are decorated with bright lights that were on as I drove past this weekend. Thought it would be nice to see all the lights.

Turn right out of the parking lot, turn right on Marsh Rd. Cross over the canal and continue on Marsh Rd.

The rule for this run is to turn right at every intersection. When you get to a cul-de-sac, turn around. When you get to Rt. 31, turn around. When you arrive back at Rt. 96, turn left and return to the parking lot.

Slower runners can turn around when the lead runners are coming back from a cul-de-sac.

If you run to the end of every cul-de-sac, the distance is 12.2 miles. Your actual mileage may vary


December 12, 2020 – Gillis Rd

All routes – turn left out of the parking lot and head up 96 to the Mall. Turn left onto High St Extension and then left onto High St.

For 12.1 miles – from High St, turn left on Gillis, then left on Cobble Creek Rd. Take the first two right turns to contine on Cobble Creek Rd. Turn left on Egypt Victor Rd, then left on Valentown. Turn right to head up Baker, then left on Steele. Cross over Turk Hill and continue on Beauclaire. Turn right on Neuchatel, right on Vineyard Hill, then left on Garnsey. Turn right on 96 and return to the parking lot.


For 8.9 miles – from High St, turn left on Valentown, then left on Baker.  Left on Steele, cross over Turk Hill and continue on Beauclaire. Turn right on Neuchatel, right on Vineyard Hill, then left on Garnsey. Turn right on 96 and return to the parking lot.


For 10 miles – follow the 8.9 mile route – when on Neuchatel, stay on Neuchatel all the way over to Moseley. Turn right on Moseley, then left on Garnsey, rejoining the 8.9 mile route.


For 14 miles – Take Gillis past Cobble Creek. Cross over Egypt-Victor, then turn left on Blazey. Turn left on Richardson, left on Egypt-Victor Rd, then right on Valentown, rejoining the main route.


For 16 miles – follow 14 mile route. On Blazey – continue on Blazey past Richardson. Blazey changes names to Daley. Turn left on Wilkinson, then left on Egypt-Victor, and rejoin the 14 mile route.