WHAT IS THE ODR? Originated in 1979, a runner decided it would be better to run with other people than just himself. He convinced a few people to run with him to save him from the loneliness that accompanies long distance training. Somewhat to his surprise, more and more people started running with this small but dedicated group until a core was formed that became The Oven Door Runners.

Today, over 300 runners are part of the ODR community with 100+ showing up on Saturday mornings for the weekly training run.

There are no duesno newsletters and no formal events, just a great running community!

The runs depart every Saturday morning at 6:30am from the Park and Ride lot in Bushnell’s Basin.  See more information about the Meeting Place.

All routes are just suggested running routes and each runner is personally responsible for their own health and safety. Please make sure to stay safe and be respectful to all runners and your community.

Oven Door Runners