May 28, 2022 – Cartersville Trail and Knickerbocker Hill

Turn right out of the parking lot. Pick up the Cartersville Trail behind the Marathon Gas Station. Follow the Cartersville trail along the south side of the canal until you are across from Knickerbocker. Turn left onto Knickbocker, and head up the hill. Turn right on Pittsford Mendon Rd. At the 4 way intersection, go straight onto Stone. Tobey and Stone will run together, then go left to stay on Stone. Turn right on Clover, then pick up the canal and head back to the basin. Distance is 11.3 miles.

You can cut the route short by a half-mile (and avoid a large hill) by staying on Tobey over to Clover (10.8 miles)

For 13.7 miles – follow the main route. When you reach the canal- head west on the canal to the JCC – then turn around and return to the basin.

For 8.5 miles – follow the main route until you get to the 4 way intersection with Stone. Turn right and follow this to the canal, then follow the canal back to the basin.

May 21, 2022 – Canal and Trails into Pittsford

This week’s route involves a series of trails that intersect the canal path towards Pittsford.

Head out the canal towards Pittsford. When you get to the soccer fields – turn right along a grassy path bordering the soccer fields on the right. This will lead to a gravel pathway that will circle around the soccer fields are return you to the canal just past the town park. Continue on the canal towards Pittsford.

After you cross the Duck Hunt Bridge, bear right onto the Auburn trail. Cross over Mitchell and continue on the Auburn Trail. Turn right at the end and cross over Rt. 31. Turn right on the walkway that parallels Rt.31 and head back towards Marsh Rd. Turn left on Marsh Rd, then turn right onto the old Trolley Bed Trail. This will take you over thru the Highlands at Pittsford. The trail will lead you back to 31.Cross over 31 and head under the power lines back to the canal. Turn right on the canal and again head towards Pittsford.

Pass by the Town Highway Department Garage. Pick up the trail on the right after passing the train trestle and before you reach Rt. 31 (the second time rt. 31 crosses the canal). Take this trail – it will lead over to the Auburn Trail. Turn right on the Auburn Trail, and then reconnect with the canal.

Head back towards the basin on the canal. On the return trip, turn left under the power lines to pick up the Auburn Trail, turn right, cross back over Mitchell and continue back to the canal path. Take the trail loop back around the soccer fields, then continue on the canal back to the basin and then to the parking lot.

This distance is 10.8 miles.

For 14.5 miles – when you reach the Auburn Trail after running thru the new trail from the canal, turn left on the Auburn Trail – and proceed like it is a Springhouse Run – stay on the Auburn Trail until you are across from the Birdhouse Shop, cross over 31 and pick up the old Erie Canal Trail that runs behind Wegmans, then turn left on the Barge Canal Trail. Take all the side trails that the main route follows as well.

May 14, 2022 – Run for the Bluebells!

Starting at the Parking Lot Behind the Fire Station in Fishers 6:30 am

The goal of this week’s route is to view the Bluebells in Mertensia, just east of Victor. To make this a reasonable distance for most of us, I suggest starting at the parking lot behind the Fire Station in Fishers at 6:30 am.  I will be starting from here.

Pick up the Auburn Trail and head towards Victor.  Stay on the Auburn trail all the way to Mertensia- after crossing Mud Creek, turn left and run down into the park back towards Mud Creek, and follow the trail (turn right) on the eastside of Mud Creek, enjoy the flowers and you should come out near the tennis courts. Head back up the hill and return via the Auburn Trail.  Distance is 13.2 miles.

For those who would like to see the Bluebells but want a shorter run – park next to Finn’s Tap Room, on Maple St. in Victor. Follow the Auburn Trail to the east right from the parking area. The round trip distance is just a little over 5 miles.

If you park at the Lehigh Crossing Park just off 251, and pick up the Auburn Trail – you will reduce the round trip run to a little over 9 miles.         

Alternate – Starting from the Park-n-Ride

For those wanting to start from the usual parking lot, turn left out of the parking lot, then turn right on Fishers Rd.  Pick up the Auburn Trail on the left after crossing over Irondequoit Creek, and follow it all the way past Victor to Mertensia. Enjoy the flowers, then run back.  Distance is 20 miles.

The rest of the options do not include a view of the bluebells.

For 8.3 miles – Fishers Rd to Auburn Trail to Main St Fishers.  Turn around and follow the Auburn Trail back to Fishers Rd and continue on Auburn Trail past the old swimming hole to Railroad Mills.  Stay on the Auburn Trail to Woolston. Right on Woolston, left on Corduroy, right on Park Rd, left on 96 and back to the parking lot.

For 10.1 miles –stay on the Auburn Trail to Phillips then return as the 8.3 mile route.

For 12.2 miles – turn around on the Auburn Trail at 251.

For 14.5 miles – turn around on the Auburn Trail at Rawson Rd.

May 7, 2022 – White Brook Nature Trails

According to my notes – we have not run this route since November of 2020!

Trails and Roads –  head out the canal towards Fairport.  Exit onto Ayrault and head east.  Turn right on the Perinton Bike Hike Way.  Cross over Hogan, then turn left on Mason.  Turn right on Ranney Dr. When Ranney Dr. crosses over the creek – you can pick up the orange trail, on the left.  Follow the orange trail over to Broadmoor, cross over and continue on Orange.  Follow orange between the ponds, then bear to the right to follow orange over to Aldrich.  Turn right on Aldrich, then left into the White Brook Nature Center.  Turn left in the parking lot to continue on orange.  Follow the orange markers thru the park and you should come out (hitting white near the end) at the corner of Ayrault and Aldrich.  Follow Ayrault back to the canal and return to the basin.  Distance is 13.9 miles.

Road Route – head out the canal towards Fairport.  Exit onto Ayrault and head east.  Turn right on the Perinton Bike Hike Way.  Follow this over to Egypt Victor Rd near Lollypop Farms.  Turn left on Egypt Victor Rd, right on 31, and the left on Aldrich.  Turn left onto Ayrault and follow this all the way back to the basin.  Distance is 12.8 miles.

Road route short cuts – from the Perinton Bike Hike Way – turn left on Mason, then left on Ayrault and rejoin the main route.  Distance is 11 miles.

Or turn left on Hogan, then left on Ayrault, rejoin main route.  Distance is 9.3 miles.

TRAILS ONLY –for those who feel there are too many roads to get to the trails – meet at the Park and Ride – then car pool over with me to the parking lot on Ayrault next to the Perinton Bike Hike Way.  We will make it a loop by following the Hike way over to Mason, then pick up the Crescent Trail over to Broadmoor, the White Brook Nature Trails, then run along the south side of the canal all the way to the Perinton Bike Hike Way and back  to the cars.  8.3 miles or maybe more.