May 28, 2022 – Cartersville Trail and Knickerbocker Hill

Turn right out of the parking lot. Pick up the Cartersville Trail behind the Marathon Gas Station. Follow the Cartersville trail along the south side of the canal until you are across from Knickerbocker. Turn left onto Knickbocker, and head up the hill. Turn right on Pittsford Mendon Rd. At the 4 way intersection, go straight onto Stone. Tobey and Stone will run together, then go left to stay on Stone. Turn right on Clover, then pick up the canal and head back to the basin. Distance is 11.3 miles.

You can cut the route short by a half-mile (and avoid a large hill) by staying on Tobey over to Clover (10.8 miles)

For 13.7 miles – follow the main route. When you reach the canal- head west on the canal to the JCC – then turn around and return to the basin.

For 8.5 miles – follow the main route until you get to the 4 way intersection with Stone. Turn right and follow this to the canal, then follow the canal back to the basin.