March 12, 2022 – Van Voorhis and West Bloomfield

The forecast for Saturday is for a lot of new snow. With poor footing, high winds and blinding snow, the official route is to roll over and go back to sleep. If however you decide to come out anyway, here is a suggestion….

Turn left out of the parking lot, then turn right on Park Rd. Turn left on East, then right on Van Voorhis. Turn left on Pittsford-Mendon Rd, then turn right on Canfield. Turn left on West Bloomfield. Take a left onto Smith, followed by a right on Mile Square. Turn right on Probst, then left on Railroad Mills. Turn right on Woolston followed by a left on Corduroy and a right on Park Rd. A left on 96 will bring you back to the parking lot. Distance is 12.3 miles

For 10.3 – when on Pittsford-Mendon, go past Canfield, then turn right on Cole. Turn left on Mile Square and rejoin the main route

For 8 miles – when on East – go past Van Voorhis. East changes to Mile Square. Turn left on Probst, rejoining the longer routes

For a longer run – 14.8 miles – stay on West Bloomfield past Smith.Turn left on 251, then left on Mile Square, rejoining the shorter routes.