October 27, 2018 – Halloween Picture Run to Powers Farm Market

October 27, 2018 – Halloween Picture Run to Powers Farm Market

This week is the annual Halloween Picture Run to Powers Farm Market. Given that the Marsh Road Bridge is still officially closed (due to open up November 1, by the way) I am going to have to modify the route to Powers. One option was to send runners along the Cartersville Trail on the way there, but I think it is too dark at that time for that to be a good option. So I have come up with several options for you to consider. Each option is just the distance to Powers. I have included one return trip option – you are welcome to modify any route.

I am aiming for  7:45 – 8:00 am for the picture, so chose your distance accordingly

For the faster runners – Distance to Powers – 7.6 miles

Turn right out of the parking lot, turn right on Kreag Rd, then left on 31, take the ramp to the canal and follow the canal towards Pittsford. From here, run the traditional route to Powers – exit the canal at Schoen Place, turn right on N. Main St (96), then right on Washington followed by a right on Golf. A left into the parking lot of Powers just before Marsh Rd and you are there.


Distance to Powers – 6 miles

Start with the main route. Take the trail connector to Marsh Road just before the flood control gate. Take Marsh Rd to Powers.


Distance to Powers – 4.5 miles

Start with the main route. On 31, stay on 31 past the canal all the way to Marsh Road. Be very careful with this option as this road can be busy and not great for runners especially near the 490 intersection. Turn right on Marsh and make your way to Powers.


For the return trip from Powers – 5.2 miles– Take Marsh Road – just before Rt 31 take the Trolley Trail on the right that runs over to the Highlands at Pittsford. Cross over 31 and pick up the Auburn Trail over to Mitchell. Turn right on Mitchell, then left on 96. Pick up the Cartersville Trail between the canal and 96 and return to the basin.