June 5, 2021 – A Few Hills

I will not be there to get you started this week. Dan Kress has offered to get you started – but if he starts speaking a language you don’t recognize, tell him “NO KLINGON!”

I have a few hills for you to run, but not in the order you are used to – so pay attention!

Turn left out of the parking lot, and head towards the mall on Rt. 96.

Turn left to up Woodcliff.

Turn left on Moseley.

Turn right on Garnsey.

Turn right to go up Vineyard Hill.

Turn left on Neuchatel, then left on Beauclaire.

Turn right on Turk Hill. This will bring you back towards the mall.

Turn left into the shopping plaza formerly occupied by Dick’s.

Turn left to go up High Point. This will take you out to Valentown.

Turn left on Valentown.

Turn left to go up Baker.

Turn left to go down Steele.

Turn right to go up Turk.

Turn left to go down Garnsey.

A right turn at 96 returns you to the parking lot.

Distance is 12 miles http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=7590365        

For 14.4 miles – follow the 12 mile route until you are at the top of Baker. Continue straight on Thayer. At the intersection with Bluhm, turn left to continue on Thayer. Turn left on 31, then left to go up Turk Hill. Turn right on Garnsey and rejoin the 12 mile route.


For 10.6 miles – start with the 12 mile route.

When Woodcliff runs into Moseley, turn right.

Turn left onto Rt. 96.

Then a left to go up High Point (just before Starbucks on 96) and rejoin the 12 mile route.


For 7.8 miles, follow the 10.6 mile route.

On 96 turn left onto Turk Hill.

Turn right on Garnsey, then left on 96 to return to the parking lot.