July 15, 2023 – Canal and Trails into Pittsford

This week’s route involves a series of trails that intersect the canal path towards Pittsford.

Head out the canal towards Pittsford. When you get to the soccer fields – turn right along a grassy path bordering the soccer fields on the right. This will lead to a gravel pathway that will circle around the soccer fields are return you to the canal just past the town park. Continue on the canal towards Pittsford.

After you cross the Duck Hunt Bridge, bear right onto the Auburn trail. Cross over Mitchell and continue on the Auburn Trail. Turn right at the end and cross over Rt. 31. Turn right on the walkway that parallels Rt.31 and head back towards Marsh Rd. Turn left on Marsh Rd, then turn right onto the old Trolley Bed Trail. This will take you over thru the Highlands at Pittsford. The trail will lead you back to 31.Cross over 31 and head under the power lines back to the canal. Turn right on the canal and again head towards Pittsford.

Pass by the Town Highway Department Garage. Pick up the trail on the right after passing the train trestle and before you reach Rt. 31 (the second time rt. 31 crosses the canal). Take this trail – it will lead over to the Auburn Trail. Turn right on the Auburn Trail, and then reconnect with the canal.

Head back towards the basin on the canal. On the return trip, turn left under the power lines to pick up the Auburn Trail, turn right, cross back over Mitchell and continue back to the canal path. Take the trail loop back around the soccer fields, then continue on the canal back to the basin and then to the parking lot.

This distance is 10.8 miles.


For 14.5 miles – when you reach the Auburn Trail after running thru the new trail from the canal, turn left on the Auburn Trail – and proceed like it is a Springhouse Run – stay on the Auburn Trail until you are across from the Birdhouse Shop, cross over 31 and pick up the old Erie Canal Trail that runs behind Wegmans, then turn left on the Barge Canal Trail. Take all the side trails that the main route follows as well.