September 26, 2020 – Auburn Trail – Center Section

Turn left out of the parking lot, then turn right onto Park Rd. Turn left on Corduroy, then take a right on Woolston. Just before Woolston runs into Railroad Mills, turn left onto the Auburn Trail.

For 8 miles, stay on the Auburn Trail until you come to Fishers Rd. Turn around and re-trace your path back to the parking lot.

For 9 miles, turn around at Main St. Fishers.

For 11 miles, turn around at Phillips Rd.

For 13.5 miles – stay on the Auburn Trail until you get to Rt. 251. Turn left on Rt. 251, and take the first left into Lehigh Crossing Park. Take the first trail on the right – this will connect you to the Lehigh Trail. You will cross over the Auburn Trail – then take the ramp on the right that will connect you with the Auburn Trail. Re-trace your path to the parking lot.

If you need something longer, stay on the Auburn Trail until you are half-tired, then return the way you came.

There is a nice little trail loop that you might want to consider – shortly after you cross over Main St. Fishers, there is a wooden Indian statue next to a bridge on the right. Cross over the bridge and follow the trail. Take right options – then loop back to the bridge. Distance is estimated to be 10.5 miles if you return back to the parking lot after running the trail.