October 25, 2015 – Twisted Knickerbocker

October 25, 2014 – Twisted Knickerbocker

Turn left out of the parking lot. Turn right on Park Rd, then right on East. Turn left on Thornell, then right on Mill Rd. Turn left on East, left on 96, then left on Knickerbocker. Turn right on Mendon, then take the straight option onto Stone. Follow Stone to Clover.  And know for the twist – turn left on Clover, then left on Willard. Turn right on Pittsford Mendon Center Rd, then left on Barker. Turn right on W. Bloomfield, then a left on Thornell and return to the Basin. Distance is 13.9 miles.


For 11.6 miles – instead of going straight onto Stone, turn left onto Mendon Center Rd. Bear left at Calkins to stay on Mendon Center Rd.  Turn left on Barker and rejoin the main route.


For 10.2 miles – from Knickerbocker turn left on Mendon Rd, then left on Thornell, rejoining the main route.


For 16.0 miles – from Mendon Center Rd. – turn right on Calkins, then left on Pittsford-Henrietta Town Line Road. Turn left on Lehigh Station Rd., then left on Pittsford Mendon Center Rd. Turn right on Willard and rejoin the main route.