October 14, 2017 – Run to the Scarecrows

October 14, 2017 – Run to the Scarecrows

The Village of Fairport had a Scarecrow Contest this past weekend, and as I understand it, the Scarecrows will remain on display for the next couple of weeks. So I thought we should go check out the Scarecrows of Fairport. The Scarecrows are on Main St between High St and Church St.

Head out the canal towards Fairport. At Perinton Town Park, turn left onto O’Connor. Turn right onto Whitney, then turn right on Main St. When you pass High St. on your left, look for the scarecrows. Continue on Main St – it will change names to Moseley. Turn right on Ayrault.

Turn left into the parking lot for Martha Brown Middle School. Pick up the sidewalk on the east side of the tennis courts (left of the tennis courts) The sidewalk will take you over to Heron Way N. Take the first left – Valley Creek Dr. This will take you to Rt.31. Cross over Rt. 31 and continue on Blackwatch Trail. Follow Blackwatch Trail to its end – it tees with Dunmow. Turn left on Dunmow, then right on Garnsey. Turn right on 96 and return to the parking lot.

Distance is 10.8 miles.


For 12.6 miles- start with the standard route. When you get to Garnsey, turn left, and then turn right on Moseley. Turn right on Woodcliff, and then turn right on 96 and return to the parking lot.