October 11, 2014 – Mile Square

October 11, 2014 – Mile Square

Turn left out of the parking lot. Turn right on Park Rd, then left on East St. East St. will change names to Mile Square. Turn left on Main St. Fishers, then turn left on Fishers Rd. A left on 96 brings you back to the parking lot. Distance is 10.0 miles.


For 12.2 miles – follow the 10 mile route. On Mile Square, after you cross over the thruway, turn right on Cole, then left on Mendon Rd. Turn left on Smith, then right on Mile Square and rejoin the 10 mile route.


For 14 miles – follow the 12.2 mile route. Stay on Mile Square past Main St Fishers, and turn left on 251. Turn left on Old Dutch, then right on Main St. Fishers, rejoining the other routes.


For 15.4 miles – follow the 14 mile route. Stay on Mile Square past 251. Turn left on Taylor, left on Strong, right on 251, then left on Wangum. Turn left on Main St Fishers, then right on Fishers Rd, rejoining the other routes.