May 14, 2016 – Doc Lilac’s Lilac Nursery Run

May 14, 2016 – Doc Lilac’s Lilac Nursery Run

Time to check out the Lilacs! The Lilac Nursery has a spectacular display of Lilacs! Close enough we can run to, without the crowds! What a deal!

From the Park and Ride – turn left on 96, then left on Garnsey,  Turn left on Turk Hill, then right on 31.  Turn right onto the parking area for Indian Hill.  Take whatever trail up the hill you want to up to the top.  Head over to the far side of the big open field and pick up the orange trail over to the pine tree farm.  Stay on orange out towards Turk Hill along the left side of the tree farm – and take the white trail on the right over to Doc Lilac’s Lilac Farm. The trail comes up to a farm lane – turn right, then after you pass a set of beehives, the white trail goes into the woods and up to the Lilacs. Enjoy the Lilacs and then head out  to Turk Hill to Garnsey and back to the basin.  Distance is about 9 miles.      

You can increase the distance by turning left on Turk Hill and then picking up the Crescent Trail off Turk Hill on the right after you pass by Beaumont.  Follow the Crescent Trail back to Garnsey then out to the Park and Ride

For mostly roads,

Stay on Rt. 31 beyond the parking area of Indian Hill– turn right on Thayer, right on Steele, cross over Turk into Beaumont, right on Neuchatel, right on Vineyard Hill, left on Garnsey and back to the basin.  Or turn right on Turk Hill and then right to go into the Lilac Nursery. Distance is 10 miles.      

For 11.2 – on Turk Hill continue heading north across Rt. 31. Turn right on Ayrault, then pick up the Perinton Bike Hike Way and turn right.  Turn right on Hogan, then left on 31.  Turn right onto Thayer and rejoin the 10 mile route.      

For 12.4 – stay on Turk Hill until you get to Pebble Hill Rd.  Turn right on Pebble Hill Rd, then right on Perinton Bike Hike Way and rejoin the 11.2 mile route.      

For 14.2 – take Turk Hill to the canal – get on the canal and head east, then cross over the canal to continue on the Perinton Bike Hike Way.  Take the Bike Hike Way all the way to Rt. 31.  Turn right on 31, then left on Thayer, rejoining the 10 mile route.