June 30, 2018 – Boughton Reservoir Run (or The Springhouse Run)

June 30, 2018 – Boughton Reservoir Run

The main route this week starts in Victor in the parking area next to Finn’s Tap Room and Party House. From there, cross over Maple Ave onto Dryer, then pick up the Seneca Trail on the left. Follow the Seneca Trail thru Ganandogan, then turn left on School, cross over Boughton Hill and continue on the Seneca Trail to the Reservoir. Take a trail around the reservoir, then head back the way you came. Round trip is about 12 miles.

Beware that Charlie’s Old Goat Trail Run is this Saturday on the trails at Ganandogan. I know of at least one group that is planning on starting early enough that they can be back to Ganandogan to run the race which starts at 9 am, and is maybe 5 miles.

For those who are not up for an adventure away from home, I suggest the Springhouse Run via the Cartersville Trail.

Turn right out of the parking lot. The trail starts on the right just past Marsh Rd. Pick up the sidewalk that runs behind the gas station. This section of the trail is actually part of the Crescent Trail – orange blazes. Follow the trail along the south side of the canal. You will see a parking area – the footpath will continue past the parking area to the right of the trees. When you cross the Perinton/Pittsford boundary, the trail becomes the Cartersville Trail. The trail will take you over to Mitchell Rd, though around East St you will be running across open grassy areas. Trail weaves in and out of the woods between 96 and the canal. The last 100 yards or so before Mitchell you will need to run on the shoulder of 96. Turn right on Mitchell, cross over the canal and turn left onto the Auburn Trail. Just before Rt 31, turn left under the power line, then turn right on the canal.

Follow the canal path until you pass under the railroad trestle. Bear right onto the Town Highway Department road, then turn left onto a trail that will connect you with the Auburn Trail. Follow the Auburn Trail across French Rd, and stay on the Auburn Trail until you are across the street from the Springhouse. Cross 31 and pick up the old Erie Canal trail that runs behind Wegmans. Follow this across French Rd, to the Barge Canal. Turn left on the Barge Canal trail. When you get to the power line, retrace your steps back to the basin and the parking lot (Power line to Auburn Trail to Mitchell to the Cartersville Trail.

Distance is 12.5 miles.


For 6 miles, follow the main route until you reach the power lines. Turn around and retrace your steps to the parking lot.

For 8 miles, follow the main route until you get to where the canal path reaches Main St in Pittsford. Turn around and retrace your steps back to the parking lot.

For 10 miles, follow the main route until you get to where the Auburn Trail crosses French Rd. Turn around and retrace your steps back to the parking lot.

For 15 miles – follow the main route. When you go from the Old Erie Canal to the Barge Canal, turn right on the Barge Canal. Run over to the JCC, turn around and head back to the basin.