July 18, 2015 – Auburn and Lehigh Trails

July 18, 2015 – Auburn and Lehigh Trails

Turn left out of the parking lot. Turn right on Park Rd, then left on Corduroy. Turn right on Woolston, then turn left onto the Auburn Trail. Cross over Fishers Rd, then turn right on Main St. Fishers. Turn left onto Old Dutch. Pick up the Lehigh trail – turn left. Cross over Wangum and Phillips, then take the ramp on the left down to the Auburn Trail. Turn left on the Auburn trail, cross over Phillips, Main St. Fishers, Fishers Rd and Railroad Mills. Retrace your steps back to the parking lot. (Right on Woolston, left on Corduroy, right on Park Rd, left on 96). Distance is 13.2 miles.


For 9 miles, when you get to Main St. Fishers the first time, turn around and retrace your steps.

For 11.8 miles, when on the Lehigh Trail, at the first road crossing, Wangum Rd. turn left, then take a right on Main St. Fishers , then left on the Auburn Trail and return as above.

For 15.3 miles – Stay on the Lehigh Trail to Lehigh Crossing Park and taking any left options until you get to Rt. 251. Turn right on Rt. 251, then pick up the Auburn Trail – turn right and rejoin the main route.