January 6, 2018 – Roads around Powder Mills Park

January 6, 2018 – Roads around Powder Mills Park

Given the forecast for the weekend with extreme cold, snow and wind, I thought we should keep it short and try to pick a route that is somewhat sheltered.

Turn left out of the parking lot. Turn right on Park Rd, then left on Corduroy. Turn right on Woolston, then turn left on Railroad Mills. At the tee intersection with Probst, turn left to continue on Railroad Mills. Turn left on Fishers Rd, then left on Woolston.

For 6.5 miles – turn right on Corduroy, right on Park Rd then left on 96 and return to the parking lot.


For 8.5 miles – stay on Woolston. Turn right on Railroad Mills, then right on Park Rd, then a left on 96 and back to the parking lot.


If you want something longer- you can run around the Corduroy-Woolston-Railroad Mills-Park Rd block again – it adds 3 miles.