February 16, 2019 – Golf Rd and French Rd

Post-Run Meeting Place – Cindy Ingalls’ home –

Cindy has once again offered to host this weekend, so the plan is to meet at her house following the run. Cindy will give directions at the start of the run. Come as you are after your run!

Head out Marsh Rd towards Powers Farm Market. Turn left on Golf Rd. Cross over Washington and cut thru the cemetery to 96. Cross over 96 and continue on French Rd. Take French Rd over to Clover. Turn left on Clover, then pick up the canal and return to the basin. Distance is 12.7 miles.


For 8.6 miles – From Golf Rd, turn left on Washington, then left on 96, then left onto the canal and return to the basin


For 11 miles – From French Rd – turn left on 31, then pick up the canal and return to the basin