December 19, 2015 – Holiday Picture and Fishers Run

December 19, 2015 – Fishers Run

After the run we will have our annual picture outside the Basin Bean. Let’s plan for a 9:15 am picture, so if you want to run long, plan accordingly (and start early….)

Holiday Runs – look for postings for runs on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve!

For 9.5 miles – Turn left onto 96, right on Park Rd.  Turn left on Corduroy, and then left on Woolston.  Turn right on Fishers Rd, then left on Main St. Fishers.  Turn right on Lower Fishers, left on Benson.  Turn right on Fishers Rd, then return thru Powder Mills Park (left on Woolston, right on Corduroy, right on Park Rd)  Turn left on 96 and back to the parking lot.

For 12.5 miles – start with the standard route. At Main St. Fishers, turn right, then take a left on Old Dutch. Turn left on 251, left on Wangum, then right on Main St Fishers, and rejoin the standard route.     

For 16 miles – follow the 12.5 mile route. When on 251, add a loop by turning right on Strong, left on Dryer, left on Willis Hill, left on 251, then rejoin the 12.5 mile route when you turn right on Wangum.