April 15, 2017 – Woodcliff, Neuchatel, Steele and Beyond

April 15, 2017 – Woodcliff, Neuchatel and beyond

Turn left out of the parking lot and head up 96. Turn left on Woodcliff and then turn right on Moseley. Turn left on Neuchatel, follow this over to beauclaire, turn left and then cross over Turk Hill, head up Steele. At the top of Steele, turn left onto Thayer. At the Bluhm-Thayer intersection, turn left to continue on Thayer. Turn left on 31, then left on Turk Hill. A right on Garnsey will bring you back to the basin. Distance is 11.0 miles.


For 12.1 miles – at the Bluhm/Thayer Intersection – go straight on Bluhm. Turn left on Loud, then left on 31 and rejoin the main route.

For 13.1 miles take Blum all the way to Egypt Victor Rd. Turn left on Egypt Victor Rd., then take a left on the Perinton Bike Hike Way just past Lollypop. At 31 turn left and rejoin the main route.

For 15.1 miles – on the 13.1 mile route – turn right at Egypt Victor Rd, then left on Wilkinson. Turn left on Pannell, then turn left onto the Perinton Bike Hike Way, cross back over  Egypt Victor Rd, rejoining the 13.1 mile route.

For 7.5 miles – when you get to Turk Hill from Beauclaire, turn left, then a left on Garnsey and back to the parking lot.

 For a fun trail option – follow the main route until you are on the beginning of Neuchatel. Take the first right – Cressler Ct. Turn left onto the Crescent Trail (White Blazes?). Then connect with the Orange Trail and follow the orange trail all the way back to Garnsey. Turn left then a right on 96 back to the parking lot.