March 9, 201 – Around the Bay

Starting Location: Parking lot at the end of Culver Rd in Irondequoit

Starting time: 7:00 am

Starting from the Parking lot at the end of Culver Rd.  Turn left out of the parking lot and turn left on the Sea Breeze Expressway. At Titus get on the right side of the Express way and take the sidewalk onto Kane. Turn left onto East Ridge Rd, and then take a right on Bay Shore Blvd.  Next take a right on Bay View Rd and head up the hill.   At the top of the hill turn left to stay on Bay View Rd, then turn left on Glen Haven Rd.  You will make a left to continue on Bay Front S.  Turn right to go up a steep hill – Orchard Park Blvd.  This will bring you to Empire.  Turn left on Empire – go down the hill and up the other side.  Turn left onto Bay Rd.  Follow Bay Rd until you cross over Rt. 104 and then take the first left – Volk Rd.  (This will get you away from the fast moving traffic on Bay Rd.)  Turn right on Dewitt.  At the tee-intersection turn right (Backus Rd) and that will bring you back to Bay Rd.  Turn left on Bay Rd.  Take a left at the tee with Lake Rd.  You have about a mile to go at this point.  Run across the bridge and back to your car.  The distance is 14.2 miles.   (14.2 miles – up old 590)       (15.0 miles – up Culver – left on Titus, right on Kane))      (13 miles –Culver to Empire)

For those wanting to run from the basin  – I recommend the Fishers Run – 9.5 miles (Starting at the usual time of 6:30 am)