January 26, 2019 – Calkins Rd

Post Run Coffee Location – Tim Hortons

Head out to the canal – take the canal towards Pittsford.  Take the old train bed trail on the right after crossing the bridge over to Mitchell – turn left and cross over the canal to Rt. 96. Turn left on 96, then right on Crestview.  At the second intersection with Hilltop – turn left, then left on S. Main St.  Continue straight on Pittsford Mendon Center Rd.  At a four way intersection continue going straight on Calkins Rd.  Turn left on Clover, then left on Willard.  Turn right on Mendon Rd., then left on Barker.  Turn right on W. Bloomfield, then left on Thornell.  Follow Thornell all the way back to the basin, then 96 back to the parking lot.  Distance is 11.6 miles.


For 7.2 miles –  When you get to 96 and Mitchell, turn left on 96, then take a right on East. Turn right on Mill Rd, then a left on Thornell leads you back to the basin and a right on 96 returns you to the parking lot.


For 9.5 miles – at the intersection with Calkins, turn left to continue on Mendon Center Rd.  Turn left on Barker and continue as above.


For 13.7 miles – on Calkins – continue heading west until you get to Pittsford Henrietta Townline Rd – turn left.  Then turn left on Lehigh Station Rd.  Turn left on Clover, then right on Willard and continue back following the 11.6 mile route.  Distance is 13.7 miles.


Other longer options-

For 15.8 miles – stay on Calkins to a left on Pinnacle and left on Lehigh Station Rd.

For 17.8 miles – stay on Calkins to a left on E. Henrietta Rd and a left on Lehigh Station.

For 20.4 miles – stay on Calkins to a left on Middle Rd and a left on Lehigh Station.